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This 4-hour comprehensive, interactive online course is for the submissive, fetishist, masochist or bottom who is serious about learning how to put their best foot forward to impress and meet the Dominatrix(es) they have been wishing to serve or are currently serving.  Although the artform of Female Domination is centuries old, the traditions, protocols, and etiquettes practiced within FemDom and kink culture are very much alive and evolving in the modern world.  This course will give you the must-know information on how to behave as a proper sub (either in-person or online) so you can increase the probability of being accepted into a Mistress's realm, learn how to best please Her during a session, and understand how to sustain a satisfying D/s relationship.  All subs, from newbie to experienced, collared or uncollared, can benefit from the valuable learnings offered within this course.


In this course, Mistress Damiana Chi, a Ph.D. in clinical psychology, shares findings from her doctoral dissertation, entitled “The Erotically Submissive Man,” and from her insights and personal experience from over 20 years of full-time private practice as professional dominatrix, to facilitate your journey toward a greater understanding, acceptance and union with your submissive self.  


Course topics will include:

• Identifying what kind of submissive you are; understanding your personal matrix

• Proper protocols and etiquette when communicating with or serving a Dominatrix

• The natural stages of development from shame to self-acceptance

• Psychotherapeutic benefits of BDSM sessions

• The submissive’s connection with The Divine Feminine

• Understanding the unconscious drive behind serving a Dominatrix

• Live demonstrations with Mistress Damiana and her personal slaves

• Student Q&A and live interactive practice with Mistress Damiana

• And more!



*This online course will be conducted on Zoom live video conferencing for an interactive virtual classroom experience.  Video imaging of the students will be turned OFF for the duration of the course to protect anonymity, unless anyone chooses to turn their video on. 


**This course is not gender-limited, although most of Mistress Damiana’s experience has been with male submissives.  All genders are welcome.

"Be Your Best Submissive Self" course is coming soon!

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Course will be scheduled for May 2022!