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Be Your Best Submissive Self:

A Psychological and Exploratory Live Online Course




with Mistress Damiana Chi, Ph.D.


There are new sections in this updated course.  If you have taken this course before, you may take this new one with a 30% discount.  Contact Mistress Damiana for coupon code for returning students.

This 4-hour comprehensive, interactive online course is for the submissive, fetishist, masochist or bottom who is serious about learning how to put their best foot forward to impress and meet the Dominatrix(es) they have been wishing to serve or are currently serving. Although the artform of Female Domination is centuries old, the traditions, protocols, and etiquettes practiced within FemDom and kink culture are very much alive and evolving in the modern world. This course will give you the must-know information on how to behave as a proper sub (either in-person or online) so you can increase the probability of being accepted into a Mistress's realm, learn how to best please Her during a session, and understand how to sustain a satisfying D/s relationship. All subs, from newbie to experienced, collared or uncollared, can benefit from the valuable learnings offered within this course.

In this course, Mistress Damiana Chi, a Ph.D. in clinical psychology, shares findings from her doctoral dissertation, entitled “The Erotically Submissive Man,” and from her insights and personal experience from over 2 decades of full-time private practice as a professional dominatrix, to facilitate your journey toward a greater understanding, acceptance and union with your submissive self how you can better express yourself to your Dominant.

Course topics will include:

• Identifying what kind of submissive you are; understanding your personal sub matrix

• Proper protocols and etiquette when communicating with or serving a Dominatrix

• The natural stages of development from shame to self-acceptance

• Psychotherapeutic benefits of BDSM sessions

• The submissive’s connection with The Divine Feminine

• Understanding the unconscious drive behind serving a Dominatrix

• Live demonstrations with Mistress Damiana

• Q&A with Mistress Damiana and her team of experienced submissive coaches

• And more!


*This online course will be conducted on Zoom live webinar for an interactive virtual classroom experience. Video imaging of the students will be turned off to protect anonymity, unless chosen to be turned on by the student.

**This course is not gender-limited, although most attendees will likely be male. All genders are welcome.


"Most enriching kink experience in my life. Being in the presence of Mistress Damiana, who is the most knowledgeable in her field, made me feel that I'm in the safest space and helped me let go of my resistance and silence my inner critic. 


Mistress Damiana will take you on a journey into the human psyche and will get you to ask yourself deeper questions;

     What does it mean to be a submissive?

     What kind of submissive do I aspire to be?

     How can I live more authentically?


Mistress Damiana shared some of her valuable research in BDSM-Psychology. We went through detailed Femdom protocols and practical tips on how to interact with a Domme (and how to spot a fake one). Elite sub coaches offered insights from their unique sub journeys. The course improved my ability to safely navigate the kink world, and expanded my understanding of ethical and abusive practices. 


If you are lucky before Q&A and get chosen for Live Domination, Mistress Damiana will gaze into your soul, and show you how deep She can read into your mind by improvising your ultimate fantasy scene with only a few details about you.


Finally, Mistress Damiana deserves the title of 'Most Kink Affirming Therapist' given Her expert knowledge in both sides of the term 'CBT'."



"Dear Mistress:
you so much for the wonderful "Be Your Best Submissive Self" online course. You are a real professional and it shows in your thoroughness and attention to detail. I expected a great course from someone with your experience, and reputation (well earned), which it certainly was. What I didn't expect was how much you genuinely cared about answering everyone's questions at the end, along with your sub coaches. You truly put the participants' interest as the first priority, and really tried to help each and every one. I hope everyone interested in this journey takes the time to listen to the sage advice that you share in this course. There is something here for everyone to consider regardless of the level of play that they have already reached. Thank you again for your generosity in making this available."

– r.s., Canada

"I have been a client of Mistress Damiana Chi's for going on 8 years. Although I'm more Bottom I thought I pretty much knew what being a Submissive was all about. BOY WAS I WRONG !!!

I decided to take Mistress Damiana's " Be Your Best Submissive Self " Live Online Course. I can't begin to explain what an eye opener the class was. Mistress Damiana's very detailed course presentation and the input of her Sub Coaches was so invaluable. Mistress Damiana has 22 years of experience as a Pro Dominatrix is the creator of the " Evolutionary Dominatrix Academy " available world wide for aspiring Dominatrixes. Her Academy Sub Coaches speak from personal experience and years of being in the BDSM scene.

For anyone interested in delving into BDSM this is a must course..


– Bill Bumpus, Bottom / Submissive in training, Orange County, CA

"Mistress Damiana Chi,

I wanted to thank you for creating such an enlightening course. I was slightly skeptical as to the length

of the course and my ability to remain mentally engaged. The subject matter, presentations, slides, question/answer period accompanied by your experience, authenticity and expertise was so much more informative then I envisioned. Needles to say the four hours flew by.

I’ve admired you from afar for years and had the pleasure of attending one of your seminars at Domcom. Your warm, welcoming demeanor creates an atmosphere where I felt valued and completely at ease.

I’d highly recommend this course too anyone who wishes to gain insight into their submissive thoughts and further their skills in becoming a more desirable sub or slave. “Be your best submissive self “ will leave you far better equipped to serve, attract and interact with your Mistress.

Warm regards,"

– FLRboy, Bay Area

"The online zoom course „Be your best submissive self“ led by Mistress Damiana Chi was highly informative and fascinating. As someone who is a total beginner when it comes to experience with BDSM, it is very interesting to find out more about what kind of a submissive you are, how to best approach a Domme and how to behave before and during a session and also what a session could look like. It completely reassured me and confirmed my suspicions that I had about myself being a submissive. It was very moving to find out things about myself and get clarity about certain aspects. Also hearing about the way other submissive live their lives and deal with challenges was very interesting.

Mistress Damiana Chi is a true professional and, in my opinion, perfect at what she does. This course is an invaluable experience that I am very grateful for and can highly recommend to anyone interested in the D/s world!

Once more, thank you so much for this amazing experience, I will cherish it.

All the best,"

– Betty, Germany

"Mistress Damiana,

I just completed your first ever “Be Your Best Submissive Self” Online- Zoom course. I want you to know of what a profound and positive affect the course has had on me. I am writing this testimonial to highlight the good things I took away from your work.

Mistress Damiana , thank you for recognizing and taking action on educating the submissive population of the kink community. I believe you have tapped into 50% of A unrecognized market. The fact that you begin the course by asking the me to analyze my value system and apply it to help me understand my psyc profile is a indicator of how much Clinical and Practical experience You put forth.

I found the course to be very thought provoking and helpful in discovering what I want , like and how to communicate my wants and needs to My Mistress or fellow kinkster.

Mistress Damiana, Your experience is a valuable and amazing resource that you share with students. You don’t hold back, you a so giving of your knowledge. The course is challenging in that it ask for self truth and inner transparency to understand our “dark self “. Understanding why I felt shame and learning how to be rid of it. I found your course to be a starting point to build upon to help understand my kinks and how to communicate them to my mistress. Well done Mistress Damiana. Thank you.

Warm regards,"

– Slave P, Los Angeles, CA

"The course was much more than i had imagined. i am not a stranger to kink but You were able to connect so many dots for me and give me a much deeper understanding of myself, and what makes me happy. i learned areas where i can be a better servant, and as a result i know i will be a happier person. Thank You so much. Sorry if it sounds trite, but those four hours had a huge impact on me. It is like i was living happily in the dark, but now exploring my world in the light. An accidental but appropriate nod to Your Podcast.

In Your service Mistress,"

– 39

"Dear Mistress Damiana Chi, Ph.D.,

"Thank You so much for presenting some of Your dissertation findings, and including Your collared slaves in the subsequent discussion. I was somewhat overwhelmed by the amount of information, but thoroughly interested in the questions raised by the participants, and the meaningful answers given by You and Your subs. i found myself wishing that I had had a class like this before the debacle with my first Domina. In retrospect, i would have understood Her reactions to me and the D/s world in which She operated much more clearly I also wish She had recognized that my anger was due to my naivete about the aforementioned and some very stressful events unique to 2020. i will always be grateful to You for listening to my concerns instead of showing a complete disregard for my confusion and pain.

Thank You again for a very meaningful seminar.


– mark

"Mistress Damiana's presentation lives up to the name as She holds aloft a light, guiding submissives through the murky labyrinth of their motivations and desires, whilst additionally providing invaluable tips, tools and the wisdom of Her own subs. All in the interest of motivating submissives to their highest potential in their service of Dominant Women."

– david, Springfield, Il

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